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Blue City Famous Food

By now, one might not have any doubts regarding how rich Rajasthan is as far as traditions, culture, customs, and lifestyles are considered. Starting from the clothes they wear to the houses they live in, everything has a story of its own. Jodhpur adds on to the star-studded feature list of this particular state.

Apart from the majestic mahals and forts in Jodhpur, there is a lot more to explore. When in Jodhpur, how can you forget the lip-smacking delicacies this place has to offer?
Try out the most authentic Jodhpuri-Rajasthani dishes when in Jodhpur to get a literal taste of the life in the Blue City. Starting from the bittersweet of the namkeens, make your way to the sweetness of savories and other sweets. The specialty of Jodhpuri food is that you will find all mirch and garam masala added to enhance the taste of the local food.

Let us delve into the types and tastes of a few popular Jodhpuri local food to have a better understanding of their culture.

Rajasthani Kachoris

This is a Rajasthani delicacy available all over the country of India. There are broadly two types of kachoris. The first one is namkeen kachori, and the second one is mava kachori, which is sweet to taste.

The namkeen kachori has potato with masala and vegetables stuffed into the center of it. The sweet kachori, on the other hand, is stuffed with kheer or other sweets. They may be dry fruits in the center of the kachori as well. Then the entire kachori is dipped into the sugar syrup.
Both kachoris are equally mouth-watering. This is one of the Jodhpur Famous Food.


Again a delicacy snack that popular all across the country. Samosas are triangular-shaped snacks made out of flour and stuffed with potatoes, masala, and other vegetables. These triangles are then deep-fried in hot oil.

The Jodhpur is added their own signature style in these samosas too make them taste different from the other samosas in the other states of India.

Mirchi Vada

This a Rajasthani snack that is made out of potato, spices, and green chili. Green chili is the primary ingredient here; this dish is not for the faint-hearted foodies out there. Mirchi vadas in Jodhpur are served with chutneys and are an important part of street food in Blue City.

Bajre Ki Roti

The North Indians, along with the Western states, are fond of millets as a grain for a lot of dishes. Bajra or millet makes for Bajre ki roti. Bajre ki roti is made out of the flour made out of Bajra.  This is mainly a winter crop, but the flour is available all round the year.

Kadi, on the other hand, is a mishmash of spices fried in light oil and curd. The spices include turmeric, onions, chili powder, etc. Some flour is added to the kadi, and it is good to go with hot bajre ki roti.

Kair-Sangari ki Sabzi

Kair and Sangari, both fruits of the Capparis Desidua and Khejadi, are used as ingredients in this dish. In the rural areas of Rajasthan, you will come across this dish as an everyday meal. Since these fruits are available in abundance in the summer season, the dish to is more often made during the summers.

Jodhpur Local Food

Any Jodhpur food guide will tell you that the Jodhpuri cuisine is essentially Marwari cuisine. However, when it comes to Blue City Famous Food, food locally available is equally important as it contributes value to the social and cultural history of the city. Some of the Jodhpur local foods are given below:

Local Dishes

    •   Kaju Draksh ki Sabzi - This particular item is on every menu of the Jodhpuri restaurants. It is              made of Kaju or cashew nuts.

    •  Traditional Kadhi - This is the reinvented Rajasthani mixed vegetables stir-fried in a pot.

    •  Gatte Ki Sabzi - Gatte Ki Sabzi is made out of rolled besan deep-fried in hot oil.

    •  Saiv Tamatar Ki Sabzi - This sabzi has Namkeen Saiv as the main ingredient.

    •  Lasan Ki Chutney

    •  Malai Kofta

Local Snacks

    •  Mirchi Vada

    •  Namkeen Kaju or Salted Cashews

    •  Gathiya

    •  Saiv

    •  Pyaaz Ki Kachori

    •  Shahi Samosa

Local Sweets

    •  Mawa Ki Kachori

    •  Makhan Vada - This is a vada made out of chhashni or sugar syrup and butter.

    •  Malpua - This sweet dish is like a fried roti in ghee and dipped in sugar syrup

    •  Motichur Ke Laddoo - This sweet is widely popular in Jodhpur for being used in almost all                 ceremonial purposes.

    •  Besan Ke Barfi - This is not your regular barfi, as this is made out of gram flour.

    •  Rasgulla - A Bengali delicacy with a Rajasthani twist

    •  Doodh Jalebi - Doodh Jalebis are usual jalebis dipped in milk.

    •  Besan ki Chakki - A piece of sweet made with lots of ghee and combined with papad.


    •  Orange Kulfi

    •  Marwaadi Kulfi

    •  Matka Kulfi

    •  Malai Kulfi

This list quite sums up the local food items you should definitely try out when in Jodhpur.

Street Food In Jodhpur

Like every Indian city, Jodhpur, too has its fair share of street food. The options are uncountable, and it might not be possible to try all but check out the list to know what appeals to your tastebuds.

    •  Dal Baati Churma - Dal Baati Churma is a top favorite of Rajasthani locals. You will find this in         almost every corner of the city of Jodhpur.

    •  Dahi Chaat

    •  Pani Patasa - These are puris with flavored and spiced water. Pani Patasa is quite similar to the           panipuris and phuchkas.

    •  Kadhi Kachori - This is a combination of usual Kachori with Jodhpur special kachori.

    •  Makhaniya Lassi - This is lassi with heavy amounts of butter added in it.

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